About The Dread Gazebo

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Name: Dread          Age: Thirty-something          Ancestry: Human          Diety: Isocahedrus

IT professional by day, freelance writer & designer of tabletop games by night. Dread has written for Wizards of the Coast, Schwalb Entertainment, Kobold Press, and more. Formerly the Community Manager of Obsidian portal, and lead host & producer of the Haste Podcast. Dread is also a lifelong PC gaming enthusiast who dabbles in occasional livestreaming. More importantly, he’s a father, husband, friend, and Dungeon Master to a handful of good people.

Outside of the gaming bubble, Dread is married to his best friend, has 2 kids, a dog, a cat, and neighbors who undoubtedly hate him for not mowing his lawn frequently enough. When not doing game related things he’s probably listening to music, trying new craft beers, and cooking animal flesh over an open flame. Feel free to drop him a line or hit him up on twitter anytime!

STR: 9

INT: 11

AGI: 10

WILL: 10

HEALTH: (Varies, depending on naps)

INSANITY: 3 (thanks, election year!)



 Scroll of Comprehend Memes

 Ring of Devotion (to @DreadPixie)

 Unrivaled Hyperbole

 Cloak of the Procrastinator

 Aura of the Horror Enthusiast

 Caffeinated Concoctions (Required for parenting, IT work, reducing SAN loss.)

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