Best Fantasy Online Games

Few things can compare to well-run fantasy game but there are some great online alternatives to keep you going between sessions. Online games offer you the chance to collaborate with other players, so it can be much more satisfying than a scripted RPG.

Echo of Soul

This is a standard trope based game, you’ve been chosen by the Gods to help them on their holy crusade. Players choose from five classes to represent their play style and these are pretty common classes. Create a guild and pick up hobbies, you can even gamble for more items and better equipment. This is no bingo pay with PayPal game, instead you’ll be playing tavern games with other characters (though if you are looking for bingo, have a look on

There are choices within this video game on how you want to battle other players too, you can go PvP or full on MMORPG if you prefer. This is a great added option to have, so you can pick and choose depending on your mood. This is quite a social game, so having a friend play along with you can really enhance the enjoyment of it.


This game is totally free to play but you can add cash to your account if you want to get some of the premium items from the game. It’s set in medieval times but the weapons have a sci fi twist to make this game stand out from the pack. In this game, you’re on a quest to achieve the status of a God by being so victorious in battle. First you pick a class and then level up in the style that you want to, whether defensive or offensive. This is an online fantasy game but you can play against computer controlled enemies offline too.

It’s a brilliant game that any fan of the fantasy genre will be sure to enjoy and it’s constantly being updated. The community online report bugs and the devs are super quick to fix them, making for a game that’s always improving.


If you ever played an old school MMO way back in the day then this one will transport you back to that time in an instant. The game is stunning, there’s really no other way to put it as it’s the most remarkable thing about the game. Taking inspiration from Asian artwork, the game designers have created something amazing with this game.

It’s not just a pretty face though, as there are significant game mechanics and gameplay to back it up. Raids, dungeons and PvP battles are all part and parcel of this game with each element being backed up with the wonderful graphic style. It’s a refined and polished gem of a game that will be sure to leave you crying out for more. The accessory based leveling system might put some players off but it adds a much needed novelty to a genre of games that can get all too stagnant.