D&DNext: The Insecure Teenager Phase

August 9, 2012 Dread Gazebo 9

Is it just me or are things getting a little silly with some of the D&DNext posts lately? I’m not sure all of this opinion polling is doing more good than harm, or at least not wasting valuable time that could be spent elsewhere. While I am a fan of the open playtest, I’m coming to be less and less of a fan of the “does this make D&D look fat?” ethos of D&DNext media coming out of WotC.

Healing Surges in 5e, Room For Two?

May 1, 2012 Dread Gazebo 4

Let’s Just Call Them Surges

What if it were implied that surges just in fact gave a surge of something not to be named. We’re sticking to abstraction here, right? A surge of courage, energy, bravado, luck, knowledge…you get the picture. Why not use surges identically as previously but imply that they could be many things, that they can be traded in for a burst of HP, but perhaps not always.