What Can Video Games Learn From Online Casinos?

What can video games learn from online casinos?

Ever since video gaming became the world’s most favoured form of entertainment activity, there’s been no end to the incredible range of innovation on display that’s brought us virtual reality, augmented reality, and procedurally generated universes in the last year alone.

But it’s the realm of online gambling that still manages to show some phenomenal statistics with revenues spiralling and a massive $35.5 billion earned in 2013. And with the standard video game often seeming to be lost in overly complex storylines and punishing download times, there seems to be a few things that could be learned from the online casinos.

Broader demographics

One of the most important things about the online casino phenomenon is the way that it’s managed to reach beyond the standard young male archetype to entertain an older gaming audience. And rather than the somewhat misogynistic games like Grand Theft Auto, the online casino games thrive on being well-suited to all genders and ages.

With sites like Lucky Nugget Casino providing a huge range of classic casino games such as poker, blackjack and roulette, it’s seized upon a recognisable gaming format that’s already known and loved by a broad demographic. And with the gaming site providing an easy way for customers to browse casino games and try them here with the bare minimum of technical knowhow, it shows how it’s not always the most complex and advanced gaming that wins the biggest audiences.

Mobile adaptation

As the widespread use of mobile devices has given most adults a portable gaming platform in their pocket, it’s a trend that’s been seized upon by the more forward-thinking online casino sites. Rather than waiting hours for the latest Overwatch DLC to be installed, it’s remarkably fast for any gamer to have a quick game of pokies at their own convenience thanks to the impressive browser-based gaming technology.

And with the average Australia spends more than one hour per day on their smartphone, it’s clear that adult gamers are more likely to be playing a quick casino game on their mobiles rather than desktop PC or console. This is especially so with many online casinos developing their own apps that provide a hassle-free all-in-one gaming solution.

Real-life simulation 

Much has been made of how the Pokémon Go phenomenon has encouraged a new generation of gamers to get out and about. Yet even this still feels a little shallow compared to the exciting video poker simulations that can bring all of the excitement of a real casino with a real-life croupier into your home courtesy of the latest video streaming technology.

And with virtual reality casinos expected to arrive very soon, it looks like the standard video game could learn a lot from the fascinating development of these classic table games!

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