About The Dread Gazebo

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Name: Dread          Age: Thirty-something          Ancestry: Human          Diety: Isocahedrus

IT professional by day, freelance tabletop RPG writer & designer by night. Dread has written for Wizards of the Coast, Schwalb Entertainment, Kobold Press, and more. Formerly the Community Manager of Obsidian portal, and lead host & producer of the Haste Podcast. Most importantly though, he’s a father, husband, friend, and Dungeon Master to a handful of good people.

Outside of the gaming bubble, Dread is married to his best friend, has 2 kids, a dog, a cat, and neighbors who undoubtedly hate him for not mowing his lawn frequently enough. Feel free to drop him a line or hit him up on twitter anytime!

STR: 9

INT: 11

AGI: 10

WILL: 10

HEALTH: (Varies, depending on naps)

INSANITY: 3 (thanks, election year!)


 Scroll of Comprehend Memes

 Ring of Devotion (to @DreadPixie)

 Unrivaled Hyperbole

 Cloak of the Procrastinator

 Aura of the Horror Enthusiast

 Caffeinated Concoctions (Required for parenting, IT work, reducing SAN loss.)

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