Ethics Policy

Review Disclosure

As is common in the blogging space, some of the reviews found on are formed based off of a free, complimentary, or advance copy of the product or service which has been provided to us by the game/product’s publisher, creator, or PR department. The games and products are kept within personal collections and are never sold.

Review Policy

Typically, the products and their reviews herein are ones that we at already have some prior knowledge/interest in, though that’s not always the case. For this reason, we do not review every game we are approached with just for the sole purpose of reviewing them, and we do this for two very simple reasons:

1.) We do not have unlimited amount of free time to form opinions on every game ever, for this please see Board Game Geek / RPG Geek.

2.) We do not feel it is necessary to waste our time (or yours) speak negatively on something we found wholly unenjoyable or as a waste of time or money. Simply put, think of all the reviews on this site as having the “Dread Gazebo Seal of Approval”. This doesn’t mean we think that all products reviewed here are flawless masterpieces, but they are surely worth your time and hard earned money.

E-Commerce Disclosure

Most of the reviews on include links to products that include third-party affiliate information which are harmless to users of the site and do not collect any sort of private or sensitive data from them or their devices. These links allow us to generate store-credit revenue for aforementioned affiliate sites (mostly Amazon) which are only used to acquire more games and/or products for review on this site. In turn, all affiliate ventures within the site are used solely to further the site itself.

Advertising Policy

All advertising content is clearly distinguished from the editorial content by being placed in my side bar or within the links at the bottom of the site. All advertisements placed here are on my own volition and I do not accept illegal/paid advertisements or any advertisement that I feel is objectionable or in bad taste.

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