Momanatrix’s Musings: Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Be A Fairy, Damnit!

September 13, 2011 DreadPixie 23

So the other day my husband was bitching about the new races that are coming out in the Heroes of the Feywild book. He was going on about how “back in the day” there were only a few races and nowadays there are all kinds of different creatures you can be. I find this funny coming from a guy who wasn’t really around “back in the day” as far as D&D goes.

Momanatrix’s Musings: Character Creation

May 16, 2011 DreadPixie 0

I am about to be a player in a new D&D campaign and I’m very excited, but also a very conflicted. I’m not sure what class to play. I usually just go for the spell caster types, in the past I’ve been a Warlock, a Sorcerer and I made a Mage once that I never got to play. I also played a Slayer once for a very short time and it was a blast. I am currently playing a Knight in our Ravenloft campaign…