Pixels & Polyhedrals: Necromorph, Infector

January 5, 2012 Dread Gazebo 4

I know I haven’t done one of these in a while, it just so happens I haven’t played many inspiring video games lately – at least not ones that would make for a good P&P. Skyrim is fantastic, but a hill giant is a hill giant no matter where you are, y’know?. Granted the Necromorphs from dead space are basically “Space Zombies” but they are unique in their own very cool ways, let’s dive in!

4e Vampires with Presence: Lackey of Strahd

June 1, 2011 Dread Gazebo 0

Ah Vampires, they’re quite a famous villain are they not? Cliches aside, their fame comes with good reason as they not only combine the the intrigue and fear of the unknown with inhuman strength and at times very human emotions, they are seductive plot hook factories.