Twas the Night Before…

Saturday Night Delves launches tomorrow. I’ve put a lot of work in, and truly believe it’s going to be one of the most fun & unique things out there for the 4th edition D&D community.

A Classic dungeon crawl feel, innovative and evocative mechanics, dynamic card decks that provide randomness, replayability, and even ways to keep dead PC’s interacting with the party throughout the entire adventure.

Both players and DM’s will be kept on their toes during these delves, this is fourthcore for the first time ever and in one complete package. It brings a formidable and fresh alternative to the 4th Edition  encounter format and a unique, challenging and fun new way to play 4th edition D&D. All of these things, in a nice package of quality production value materials – everything you’ll need to play and even do so competitively if you choose, via our optional scoring system.

There are so many more features beyond what little justice this blurb may do, but I’d rather you see for yourselves when tomorrow comes.

While I’m met with a swell of anticipation, nervousness and uncertainty of it’s reception I can honestly say that the larger part of me feels nothing but pride and excitement.

I hope you’ll all have a look.


  1. So, are you guys selling this as a PDF somewhere? I have a hankerin’ to kill some PCs…

    I’m eager to try the fourthcore aesthetic. Hope it goes swimmingly!

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