Player’s Handbook Reveal & Flipthrough (Stream Archive)

Wanted to get this up there in front of everyone because I know everybody is excited about the PHB and I really just wanted to share it with as many people as I can. I’m lucky enough to get press copies of stuff like this and so I feel it’s my duty to get this out to the community ASAP!  The stream isn’t perfect but it should cover a lot of questions you might have, plus you’ll get to look at every single page of the new PHB. WotC even jumped in my twitch channel to shame me and debate class supremacy with our viewers. It was a really good time, I hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Here’s a few jumping off points/highlights:

  • Skip to 4:30 to begin, before then nothing really happens, at all. I was waiting for people to join the stream before I got started. The first 4 minutes and thirty seconds are pure nothingness and YouTube’s video editor is giving me fits right now.
  • Skip to 40:00 if you want to see an internet troll in the wild, don’t worry, I killed it with fire.

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  1. I missed the stream sadly, but was wondering if Olidammara was listed in the gods of greyhawk section? was sad he wasn’t included in the 4th edition and i’m curious as to whether he has made his return?

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