A Quick Update


I do apologize for my lack of posts lately, with school ending and a lot of things in my life wrapping up, summer hitting, and new projects at home and work beginning I’ve not gotten around to tweet or blog much about D&D. I promise to hop back up with a burst of energy and content soon, as I’ll be moving from my home at wordpress.com to my own hosted domain so I can fully put features to use – such as using my own css without paying for it. I’ve also been mulling over the name of the blog if I’m going to make the switch – I love the story of Eric and the Dread Gazebo and it also gives a nice sense of consistency with my twitter account but in the fashion of me always over thinking everything I’m beginning to wonder if I should switch it. I don’t want anyone thinking that I’m Richard Aronson after all, I don’t mean to steal any credit or take away from his work by using the name, but I do have a slight tinge of guilt about it. What do you guys think?

While I’m here I’d also like to say thanks to @GeekyClean who mentioned a blog post of mine and got me an asston of page views and hopefully some new readers, make sure you check out her website and get some soap to defunkify yourself after those long air conditioning-less nights of gaming (It’s been 90+ degrees in IN for days now). My amazing wife loves the smell of the Sexterity soap so much she tried eating it….. oh wait, that was me (details pfft). I’d also like to say thanks to my few loyal readers who hit up the site every day or so here to see whats going on even though there hasn’t been much, and for the comments you’ve left me. I’m really enjoying writing this blog and I hope you continue to as well.

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