Behold! D&D Easter Fun!

So being that my wife is an Atheist and I’m Agnostic you’d think we probably starve our children of the wonders of traditions such as Easter and Christmas, well you thought wrong! We lie to kids all the time about the tooth fairy, where their goldfish went, and how much fun it is to be a “grown up” so why not keep up the ruse when it comes to fictional characters and their holidays. With all that being said, and rather more a space filler until tomorrow’s post (an in depth review of the Hammerfast module) I give you my Easter creation my son and I made yesterday: Beholder Egg!


I wanted to give him more eye stalks but got sidetracked due to copious amounts of food being ready to eat. Hope you all had a good holiday, check back tomorrow for my full review of Hammerfast.

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