Wherein I announce a giveaway winner & say thank you.

I thought he wasn’t going to turn up but with an hour to spare on my 24 hour cut-off the awesome @GenCon4James (aka @4james) has generously accepted my offer to forcefully bestow and awesome and brand new D&D redbox upon him!

I’ve gotta say running this contest has allowed me to meet a lot of new folks on twitter and get to know some I’ve had for a while much better, I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I just want to say thanks for following me, reading the blog, commenting and general shooting-of-the-shit with me. It’s great to be part of something I enjoy so much, this hobby has partly restored my faith in humanity knowing so many cool people exist!

I’ll be posting  my very own Castle Ravenloft un-boxing sometime this weekend, I know it’s not the most unique of posts or videos but I gotta get some practice in eh?! I also will be having another give away in the near future so stay tuned as to what it is and how you can get a chance at winning it!

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