Dread Compendium: Whip of Annihilation

[color_box title=”The Dread Compendium” variation=”primary_red”]The Dread Compendium brings you a collection of short encounters, monsters, traps, items and more for use in your game. It will be published as an annual supplement via PDF & Print. Not all content will be displayed online however, some will remain exclusive to the final product. Encounters are intended to be open ended so that you may easily modify them as you see fit. By default all items/monsters/traps/stat blocks and other materials will be written and formatted for immediate use with the 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons role playing game. However they should be malleable enough so you may convert them to other systems and settings with ease.[/color_box]

This was a Fourthcore Armory item that was cut due to limited design space and there already being a whip within the supplement. That other whip Tentacle of the Nether King was also mine. So I suppose I have a thing for whips [crude BSDM joke goes here].

Anyway, stay tuned to the Dread Compendium entries for my upcoming 3-headed undead Ettin that dual weilds these babies!

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