DreadCast: Iron Kingdoms – Fools Rush In Actual Play

Update: This post now includes the full 3 sets of audio from the actual play, enjoy!

I’ve put up this podcast just because a fair amount of people requested it, and only because I love you guys I decided to go ahead with it even though I think it might suck. I’m no actual-play podcast guru so this might be terrible. If that’s the case, please give me some suggestions as to how to possibly make the next one better.

Full Metal Fantasy

This recording is of my group playing the new Iron Kingdoms RPG. In the rare case in which you might be unaware of the fact that I’m totally in love with this game you may now consider yourself informed. It’s honestly one of the best RPG systems I’ve ever played. If you want more info on the game itself you can check out my flip through of the core rulebook, or let the guys from Privateer Press tell you about it themselves.

The adventure we’re running here is called Fools Rush In and is available for free on the Iron Kingdoms downloads page, it contains everything you need to play the game: rules, maps, pregens, cut out stand ups, and a 3 part adventure for PC’s that should play in about an hour or two.

Over the week here I’ll be releasing parts 2 of this podcast along with some personal commentary on the game, a round table discussion with some of my players, an overview of what character creation is like in IKRPG, and a full review. If you guys have any questions about the game feel free to ask away and I’d love to answer them to the best of my ability!

The podcast is about 56 minutes long and I’ve marked a few key points below to add notes to the screw ups and explanations throughout. Enjoy!

[Part 1] Music: “Anomalous Materials” by Joel Nielsen.

[Part 2] Music: “The Signal” by BertycoX.

Players: @DreadPixee, @Duzzley, Alicia, Lindsey, @Dudecool03

21:00 – Grenades automatically deviate (bounce) when not targeting someone

21:45 – Put guards closer together near entryway

34:15 – Gun Mage/Mage Hunter

34:30 – I’m wrong about LOS!

36:30 – Colbie has aura that would have negated the -4 shooting into melee penalty. We actually catch this one later in the game

43:30 – Quick action to use a steamjack drive

47:30 – Dick jokes!


00:18 – Belated intro explaining part 2

51:40 – Session Ends, ZOMBIES!

51:41-52:00 – Intermission jams



  1. Just wanted to post an update and let you know that the last two parts are up (as one file seperated by some intermission tunes). Enjoy!

  2. TheGazebo, I’ve just discovered and listened to your actual play recording and wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it. I’m about to start running an IKRPG campaign and like to listen to others go through the rules ahead of time. Good gaming in the future. Regards.

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