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Of Steam and Serendipity

My wife and I’s new found desire to get back into wargaming has lead me down an unexpected path, one that leads to yet another RPG to add to my infinite list of games to try. Only this time I’ve got a game on my hands that is so compelling – I’ve jumped it to the top of that list. IKRPG is sitting at the top right now with Savage Worlds close behind and I’ve already begun hashing out a mini campaign to test its soot choked waters with. I guess I have been gushing about this game for a while now, but I can’t help it. To make this short and to the point, I’m just going to let the video below do most of the talking for me,  I really just wanted to get this up there to let you all know what I’ve been up to (and obsessed with) lately aside from board games and D&DNext.

Later in the week I’ll be posting a run down of how character creation and some other bits of the game work for those who are interested. If you’re wanting to know even more about the Iron Kingdoms RPG, be sure to check out my most recent podcast episode with Simon Berman of Privateer Press where I briefly (15 min)  interview him about the game and some of its design goals as well as what is coming up for it in the future.

Hopefully within a week or two here I can actually give you a full review of the game after I’ve gotten a few play sessions in. In the mean time enjoy this flip through video of the book as well as some light talk in general about the game. Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to you soon!



  1. Thanks for reviewing the Iron Kingdoms RPG.

    Glad to see you covering RPG content as well as your traditional Wargame fare.

  2. Derp.

    I think I was up to late when I posted the above comment. Your known for your RPG posts.

    Either way thanks for the video review/peek 😉

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