Dreadful Deeds: Wintery Doom Edition

I may have fallen behind in keeping up with the twitterverse lately, but I’m back in action now – Damn the Holidays and their incessant need for tending to! Be sure to browse this weeks devilish tips for use at striking back against your smart assed players Father Winter while gaming this weekend! Also, if you happen to be in the market for some old school inspiration for your D&D game head over to myrpgame and check out my review of “The Dungeon Alphabet” by Goodman Games.

I probably won’t manage to sneak in another blog post until the new year, but there’s still a possibility of an evil Santa Claws or some candy cane zombies so stay tuned. However in the event procrastination/obligations do take hold, have yourselves a happy holiday and a safe new year!

DM’s – Your PCs are in a snowy and frozen area, whats the worst condition / monster / hazard you can throw their way?

@BlindGeekUK – I used dire winter wolf iceclaws, nasty beasts, and I had a terrain effect that would have dealt

@soklemon – I like the Remhoraz, or an avalanche. Ice Trolls can be fun also.

@Trollitc – A hugely fat human, who can fly, is dressed in red and white, with a sinister laugh who knows the party’s alignment and names.

@infocynic – A horde of evil snow elves/gnomes led by a large troll in a red suit. He commands them (minor) all to throw ice balls.

@deadorcs – A Remorahz that flings out 2d4 minion ice-yetis every other round until slain.

@Level30Yinzer – last time was frost zombies and outracing an avalanche

@lotsofsnow – Some sort of frozen ghouls that burst from the ice and attempt to drag bloodied PCs beneath.

@Gencon4James – Water elementals. Nothing is more dangerous in the cold than being wet, plus they can basically manipulate the terrain.

@DireFlail – Tarrasque. 3 hours post-breakup with his girlfriend. 2 hours post-buying a swimming pool full of Wild Turkey.

@Neldar – save or die to exposure

@VelvetSouljah – I’d do something like an “ice golem” type thing where snow drifts around PCs swirl to life and assemble into a creature.

@TheWanderer14 – Crevasse

@ve4grm – Lava, lots of lava!

@danielbalard – mine have fought giant snow worgs/kreashar and a fire breathing white dragon

@Naloomi – Remorraz – use their heat & tunneling to separate party members.

DM’s – The most dastardly substance to fill your PC’s lungs is…?

@houndeyex Methane

@cmikeb – GOLD

@ve4grm – Concrete!

@Neldar – Gelatinous Cube

@WolfSamurai – Acid. Gelatinous Cube substance. Jagermeister *shudder*. Okay, that last may have gone too far.

@DougPiranha – Licorice Pudding

@Reveal74 – Yellow mold. Group of four PCs and one inhaled it, thought the other three were bad guys, and killed them all.

@Samldanach – Evil. Pure, distilled evil.#D5C

@Pdunwin – Hallucinogenic steam in a troll sweat lodge.

@AterribleIdea – Spiders. Thousands and thousands of spiders

@TheAngryDM – chlorine gas. It turns into hydrochloric acid in the lungs, dissolving the PC from the inside. Have to be descriptive.

@MacroGeek – The other characters

DM’s – what’s the best way to make one of your PC’s wind up losing a limb / digit / soul?

@DireFlail – Suggestion: chop one of their limbs off.

@InfrequentDM – The winged crocodile you are fighting has Critical Amputation. (Actual ability in Warmachine.)

@soklemon – Soul? Acererak… Limb? he rolled a 1 on his stealth check, stepped into a bear trap…. Peggo, 1-footed Rouge.

@barsoomcore – Play runequest

@SlyFlourish – why would you ever want to do that?

@exedore6 – I like the door that you have to reach into the hole to unlock. Hole removes hand as sacrifice (from a burning wheel AP)) / failed carousing check

@icu_seamus – Have a cult of Vecna attach the Hand of Vecna, & watch the party try to get it removed.

DM’s – What is the deadliest improvised weapon a PC has ever come up with?

@infocynic – In a negotiation skill challenge, one of the players once pulled out of her backpack the severed head of an orc warlord.

@d20monkey – I have two: The severed hook from a hook horror and a displacer beast tentacle.

@dixontrimline – His own body. A hiding elf leapt out of a tree and killed an orc standing underneath him.

@WolfSamurai – Any spiky bit from a dead enemy. Or just an entire dead enemy. Always dangerous and good for a laugh.

@soklemon – An adamantite table. Honest.

@ExaltedDarkness – A murder hole – as in, forcing a medium sized creature through a small hole. Jumping and shafting with weapon haft ensued

@b_s_lynn – Rope 2E rogue had no ranged weapon roped the flying enemy&handed the end2the fighter then all beatdown on it . Cast Iron skillets

@oodja – Himself- jumping onto a hill giant from a precipice

@twwombat – My rogue once killed a guard (crit) with a stale choc chip cookie after the “Crystalmas Cookie?” door-to-door ruse failed.

@TheShaggyDm – Daern’s Instant Fortress activated and dropped down the gullet of the red dragon that was chewing on the PC at the time.

@icu_seamus – I had someone once use a crutch as a lever to break a neck.

@greybunny – Barbarian leapt from a 3rd floor balcony to pile-drive a boss

The best way to combine element(al)s for a deadly synergistic effect is….?

@soklemon – Ones with auras with varying affects, vulnerabilities are some of the best. Couple with artilleries for effect.

@b_s_lynn – Paraelementals from 2E & 2E dark sun research might be in order

DM’s & Players – What is the most inconspicuous person/place/item/object that’s ever turned out to be deadly/evil?

@Sewicked – the ceiling & floor. They both attacked us.

@Neldar – Benwick if played right.

@pdunwin – An elven captive turned out to be a recurring oni.

@samldanach – Little girl we “rescued” from pimp slaver. Actually a whole team of shapeshifting assassins. We made her our maid. :

@gnomemullet – an unnamed NPC, part of a info gathering skill challenge, sends them to a ‘friend’ who turns out to be a solo vampire.

@Nupperibo – mustard seed circle. That served as a trigger for something worse but since it circled an entire house was ignored.

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