Available Now: Tomb of Tiberesh

Rising from the Sands

Currently #1 in products for 5e D&D on Drive Thru RPG and already a copper best seller, my adventure Tomb of Tiberesh is finally available for purchase! The adventure was run at Gencon 2015 and was well received, so I was given the pleasure to have it developed into a full fledged Southlands adventure for 2nd level characters for use with Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.

A Sappy Thank You

Since this is my first ever fully published adventure and I’m flabberghasted that it even exists. Seriously you guys – artists drew pictures from things that came from my brain, and D&D legend Steve Winter was my editor, that blows my mind. I want to give a huge thanks to those folks who playtested and participated in the adventure at Gencon last year, as well as Wolfgang Baur and Ben McFarland for their sage-like guidance and feedback. Also to my friends Rob Schwalb, Steve Townshend, and Stephen Radney McFarland for their encouragement, writing advice, and friendship over the years. Scott Murray and my old Fourthcore crew who taught me the core values of kick ass dungeon crawls, and to my parents who have always been so supportive of me.

Lastly, and mostly, an insurmountable thanks to my wife for being the most supportive woman on the planet. “No honey I’m not coming to bed tonight, I’m watching documentaries and researching canopic jars for an elf game” isn’t something many people can get away with and stay married. Also, to you, my readers and twitter buddies who have kept up and put up with me over the years. This all finally feels like I’m not wasting my time.

The Deets

So, right now it’s on sale for just $4 and if you’re a fan of deathtrap dungeons, good old fashioned tomb crawls, 1-shots, radical magical items, tough boss battles, or fun in any of its forms, I think you’ll enjoy it. Do know that it was a tournament module and there are a few save or die mechanics in the adventure, so proceed at your own risk before inserting it into an ongoing campaign (or y’know…just change it to suit your needs since that’s what being a GM is all about). Also, think of the “alternate endings” section more as a “choose your own ending” and I think you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of the module.


  1. You’re very welcome, and I’m probably one of the only 5 other people alive who has actually said, “I’m researching canopic jars for an elf game, honey” to his wife and been paid for it. 😉

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