Mobile Games are “Booming”, Ugh.

‘Booming’ Doesn’t Mean They’re Good

Mobile games are booming as the global games market hits $108.9B, which could really be considered a huge new milestone for the industry, if not for the fact that 90% of mobile games are trash. The fact we live in a world where Donald Trump has become president means that there’s no surprise here in finding that mobile games are one of the more successful markets in the world. People are sheep who love garbage.

Game publishers are certainly paying attention to all of these statistics, but not the ones that actually have souls. It’s just getting clearer that there is more room in the market for pushing their sleazy marketing onto everything. I’m lookin’ at you, EA. There is always a lot of concern about market saturation under situations like these though, yet the market keeps on expanding somehow. Between clicker games, and clicker games, and other games that are actually clicker games designed to look like other forms of mobile garbage – the gaming market is clearly much larger than it used to be. Listen, almost everyone has a mobile device and that means that they’re finally able to play games much more frequently as a result, combine that with marketing efforts for all of these games being so substantial – and that’s how you get people live streaming Clash of Clans, as if it were a real game.

The World is A Vampire

As if clicker games and soulless ripoffs of the RTS genre aren’t enough, people all around the world are interested in trying real money gambling games. Online Casino games have achieved a degree of fame in their own right but now it’s even easier for people to be able to find the games they want to waste money in with microtransactions. Gambling doesn’t hide behind “gem booster packs” and “fast upgrades” but instead gets directly to the heart of what’s important about mobile gaming – pissing away hard earned dollars on absolutely nothing!  More and more games are getting on board with this. News about everything travels very quickly online, and soon we’ll likely see mobile apps where you willingly put your credit card information in and wait for random charges to show up on your bank account.

Current & Upcoming Trends

Mobile gaming and gaming in general has been one of the biggest trends of the past ten years. People are spending more and more time on gaming, because the worse is increasingly more and more horrifying and escapism is now a necessity. It’s now completely socially acceptable for people to be into gaming regardless of their age, gender, or almost any other factor – because we’re all just waiting to succumb complete annihilation. Gaming was once a very niche activity, but thanks to the social and economic anxiety thrust upon us every single day by simply reading news headlines –  it’s stranger to find a person who is really not into gaming of any kind.

Given that gaming has become a part of modern culture, it’s hard to imagine that this situation is going to change any time soon. Cultural traditions have a way of enforcing one another. As more and more people get Internet access and spend more of their time gaming, they’ll have an easier and easier time trying all of the new offerings of the gaming industry. Gaming technology itself will continue to improve as well. With the new era of virtual reality games, it will only cause the market to get even bigger and the amount of crap we have to slog through to actually find a good game, that much harder.

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