On Fundraising and Original Content

Updates, Questions, and A Huge Thank You!

I’m sure its not news to any of you that I’m running an IndieGoGo to help update the site, I’ve been trying to keep it classy around here while still promoting but not shoving it down everyone’s throat. I wanted to take some time out today to talk about the fundraising, where the site is headed, to talk about Extra Life this eyar, and to ask you a question or two.

Crowd Funded!

Shameless plug!First and Foremost, the fundraising has gone far better than expected. We’ve raised enough for a new camera (1080p, 60fps!), a blog theme subscription to keep up to date, professional lighting for videos, and a HD webcam for live streaming. Our final stretch goal, if reached, will allow us to put all of this wonderful video together with something other than Windows Movie Maker!

It has been not only extremely humbling, but also immensely energizing to see that people care enough about what we do that they have pitched in so generously. I honestly cannot express my gratitude fully with just words, I feel so silly repeating that but I really mean it. I can’t wait to get to work on all of the new content, and the PDF reward(s). Speaking of those rewards, I’m really wanting to branch out and create more original content moving forward, but we can talk more about that in a bit.

Helping Sick Kids with Extra Life

Extra Life!With 3 weeks left to fund, I’m hoping that we do reach that final goal with relative ease. Game content, stickers, and recognition seems to be the hot buttons people are the most interested in. So please keep spreading the word! Anyway, if we bring in money over the final stretch goal amount of $800 then every single penny beyond that will be put directly into the Dread Gazebo Team for Extra Life 2014 this year!

I’d love for this to happen by the way, myself and WolfStar76 of Baldman Games, along with a few friends will be streaming for 24 hours straight in order to help benefit sick kids. My donations will go toward Riley’s Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, and Wolfstar’s will be going toward Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital of Ohio. We’ve got all sorts of fun things planned out for our stream: tons of different genres of games, some friendly competition, donating extra cash every time we swear, and possibilities of some head and/or beard shaving if we reach our goals. Yeah, I’ll lose the mohawk if it helps sick kids.

Expect a lot more details on upcoming Extra Life activities in the near future, and find out how you can help out. It’s going to be a good time!

Original Content

I know that most of my readers come here for reviews, news, editorials, rules ponderings, etc. Opinion seems to be the popular thing here at The Dread Gazebo and I’m totally fine with that. I love that. I also really enjoy making content for games and have dabbled in it over time, but I’m not sure that’s why most of you come by to read or subscribe to the feed(s). That being said I have been using the IndieGoGo as a way to get some of my content out there, but it has slowed down. I’m not sure whether to take this as a “people don’t really like your original content” or “funding is naturally slowing down” or “maybe I’m not reaching enough people”. The third one is one I really doubt, considering I have a loud mouth on the internet.

What I’m getting at here is my dear readers, is the simple question of “do you like this?” I won’t get my feelings hurt, promise. Just looking to focus the efforts of my work here on the site. Not saying I’m going to abandon doing it wholly if no one likes it, but that I can at least know what to focus on moving forward. So I’ve put together this quick poll, just check all that apply and hit submit – I’d greatly appreciate it.

Regardless of opiniong, the set of backgrounds and adventure I’m (potentially) fleshing out works out really well and I’m really happy to have them as a goal to work toward.

Thanks For Everything

Honestly, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has came and read, commented, debated, and commiserated with me over the years. It feels amazing to be part of such a unique community, you guys are the best. Seriously.

Until next time, game excellently with one another!

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