Revenge of the Iron Lich, One Year Later.

[blockquote” variation=”red”]You descend a wide set of marbled steps, dimly lit by sconces crafted to look as if flame were spewing from the mouths of the iron skulls that adorn them. The low groan of metal reverberates through the chamber that is otherwise silent, aside from a muted hum sounding like thousands of gears in perpetual motion. 

You pass through a massive set of crumbling metallic pillars with reliefs depicting skeletons being crushed by massive vices, the sound of breaking bones and pained wails penetrate your mind as your eyes scan the imagery. A faint shuffling sound from across the room echoes outward and draws your attention away from the unexplained desire to reach out and touch one of the pillars. A blindfolded skeleton sitting atop a hollow glass throne deftly slides open a gilded box of cards and fans them out in a single motion, gesturing for you to select a card…[/blockquote] [divider]

A Year of Terror!

[dropcap2 variation=”red”]T[/dropcap2]his, for me, captures the very essence of Revenge of the Iron Lich and fourthcore as a whole. Like playing Hexen or Quake on hard mode and running through some shit-your-pants crazy gauntlet of traps, enemies, tricks, shifting environments, and puzzles. These moments where you are gaming and you basically know that anything, and everything, could possibly kill you (or your players) at any moments notice, it keeps you on your toes. Fourthcore is the most pulse-pounding of any type of D&D I’ve ever played, and I literally mean that in the sense that there have been times when running Revenge of the Iron Lich or Crucible of the Gods that I literally could not sit down due to the sheer excitement and energy that surrounded my table.

[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” title=”The Hypostyle” align=”right”]×169.png[/image_frame] It has been one year to this day that the adventure was launched and I believe it has truly grown into something great, I believe it really got the fourthcore movement started with receiving some of the recognition that it truly deserves. Despite being unable to contribute in such a high-calibur manner since its release due to time and many other things, Sersa and I spoke very verbosely on the future of fourthcore, and my involvement last week. That discussion, and more will launch as a podcast this Friday, so be sure to check it out.

Thank You

In appreciation of brevity, and due to the fact that the podcast on Friday will do a lot of the talking for me, I’m going to keep this post short. I’d just like to extend a personal thank you to the community and anyone else that the adventure may have spoken to or inspired in any way. It was mind boggling to be even be considered for an ENnie, not to mention being in the running alongside folks like Paizo. It was an awesome experience through and through and I have so many words, but they have no place on this page. I hope to jump headfirst into fourthcore again someday soon, until then, thank you all.

Be sure to grab the special Anniversary Edition over at Save Versus Death‘s blog for an even more deadly, updated, clean, revised, and easier to run version of Revenge of the Iron Lich. Or, click this massive red button!
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