d20Monkey Fourthcore Fundraiser for Child’s Play Charity

Your Attention Please!

I want to direct all of your attention to this, not only will much hilarity ensue as Brian, Matt, Jeremy, and the rest of their crew attempt to stead the Crucible of the Gods, but they are raising money for Child’s Play Charity in the process. All you need to do to help out is to pledge a dollar amount for each skull the party manages to collect (total of 4 possible). In return for your pledge you will recieve a digital print done by Brian himself as well as a digital copy of The Fourthcore Alphabet from Sersa Victory himself.

You’ve only got a few bucks to lose and a lot of cool stuff, and guaranteed laughs to gain, so hit this giant button below and make me proud!

[button link=”http://www.d20monkey.com/2012/02/24/crucible-of-the-odds/” size=”medium” variation=”red” align=”center” target=”blank”]Crucible of the Gods Delve to Benefit Child’s Play Charity[/button]

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