He Sees You When You’re Sleeping – Scoring Rules

Keeping Score

I’ve put together some light “scoring” rules for He Sees You When You’re Sleeping for people who might play once a year and want to compare against previous year’s results, or if run in a convention-style setting. I’ve never really done scoring rules before so please bear in mind these are super amateur and also if you have suggestions for additions / modifications to these please feel free to toss them in the comments below. Be warned if you are a player in this adventure, the following is definitely full of spoilers. Enjoy!

WARNING: Spoilers Below

Scoring Rules
  • If the party rescued Brigitte and/or Karl, award them 2 points per child.
    • If they managed to not rescue any of the children, reduce the point total by 1
  • If the Daughters of the Dark Winter are stopped from completing their ritual, award them 5 points.
    • If the party arrived early and stopped the Daughters of the Dark winter from even beginning their ritual, award them 3 points.
  • If Krampus is defeated, award 5 points.
  • For each child still alive after the final encounter with Krampus, award 1 point. For each that died, reduce the point total by 2.
  • If Max is spared, award 3 points
Group Point Total Title / Notoriety
0 – 5 The Disgraced
6 – 11 Crestfallen Few
12 -17 Holiday Heroes
18 – 22 Krampusfluch
23 – 28 Saviors of Sonnenwende
29 – 33 Hund’s Hallowed
(Article header art by Jack Kaiser)

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