Win a D&D 4e Red Box! [CONTEST ENDED]

I’m pretty excited about the essentials line I’m not going to lie, and also since I’m just too young to have appreciated the first D&D red box I’m very excited about the new one that’s coming out. I am one for nostalgia even if I was nonexistent when said nostalgia was released, so in spirit of this I’m giving away (upon release, no early bird stuff here I’m just your average nerd) one copy of it to a random one of my twitter followers.

That’s right folks one of these right here can be yours just by listening to my babble on twitter, I’ve already got 2 on preorder from Amazon (one to keep for myself of course) and I’ll be selecting the winner at random on September 1st. If by chance the random person is a bot, close personal friend, family etc., then I will be re-randomizing the selection.

Randomization will all be done via On the date of the contest at 8am CST I will view my total # of twitter followers and plug that into and whichever number it lands on will be the winner! The winner will be contacted to ensure they actually want it (hey, somebody might not!?) and in the event someone is not interested, I will once again spin the wheel o’ randomization.

If you want to pass this on than by all means have at it, after all I’m not going to be upset about new followers. It’s mainly meant to be a way to say thanks for being one already, hell I never thought I’d have the 220+ that I do now so this is my small way of saying “hey, thanks for listening!” I’m not asking you to send out re-tweet requests far and wide, nor do I want you to because I know I hate it when I see thins like this:

Hey! I’m RT’ing this canned message 30 times for a chance to win an iPad over at #somelamehashtag #annoying

There are NO other stipulations to this drawing other than to follow me on twitter. If for some reason you read this blog and don’t use twitter and refuse to get one then just email me with some sort of proof that you read my site (a post comment is sufficient) and I’ll give you a number to be included in the randomization. If you have any questions feel free to ask via twitter, email, etc. Good luck!

EDIT: As brought to my attention via reader comment, I do apologize for not having thought of this beforehand but this offer does only extend to those in the continental US. Oversea shipping prices are astronomical, sorry. πŸ™


  1. Read the post, but refuse to tweet. At least, for now. (If it becomes a professional requirement, then things might change… as it stands, I don’t have enough time to read/update it with any kind of regularity.)

    Enter me, please?

    • Unfortunately no, as I’m sure overseas shipping would cost an arm and a leg. As much as I’d love to I can’t afford it. I’ve never ran any sort of drawing/contest before so please excuse my ignorance for not even thinking of this. I will now add it to the post details regarding stipulations. My apologies πŸ™

    • Hey now, NewbieDM, let us common folk win!

      In all honesty, I hope to win it because I am really intrigued by the Red Box and looking forward to being able to actually play in a game day this year!

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