Belmorn: Minotaur Paladin for Castle Ravenloft

I’m completely obsessed with the Castle Ravenloft board game, and if you read my previous post then you know what this one is all about! If not then you should know I’m going to be creating custom additional classes for play with the game, starting with this Paladin.

I’m hoping this first one came out as professionally as I’d hoped so please let me know what you think of the of the design and overall quality of my work. Get out there and playtest this bad boy!

Those of you wondering “why a Minotaur paladin” it’s because I didn’t want to add a 3rd human or 2nd dwarf into the mix and I thought this would put a unique 4e twist on things, being that that’s the spirit of the game and all. You can hit the “keep reading” jump for the full profile and there is also a downloadable version (PDF) over in the Downloads section of the site so please share and enjoy!

Minotaur Paladin
You are a horned and bestial force born with an inner savagery. You serve as the arm of a righteous God, and you’ve come to drive out the darkness within Castle Ravenloft.

1st Level:
AC 18 – HP 10 – SPD 5 – SURGE 5HP
2nd Level:
AC 19 – HP 12 – SPD 5 – SURGE 6HP

DIVINITY: You are one with the gods. During your hero phase you may choose not to attack and instead channel divine energy into an ally within 1 tile. Granting them a bonus +1 to damage until the end of his or her next hero phase.

POWERS: You can use the following Power Cards.
Goring Charge
Select 1 Paladin Utility Power
Select 2 Paladin At-Will Powers
Select 1 Paladin Daily Power

AT 2ND LEVEL: Choose an additional Daily Power, gain the CRITICAL feature (as noted on other Hero cards)

(At-Will) Holy Strike
Your weapon is set ablaze with holy light as it streaks towards your foe.
Attack one adjacent Monster.
This attack does +1 damage against undead targets.
+6 ATK / 1 DMG

(At-Will) Valiant Strike
The odds against you grant favor from your god as you swing unerringly.
Attack one adjacent Monster.
Gain an additional +1 to your attack roll for each enemy occupying the same tile as your Hero.
+6 ATK / 1 DMG

(At-Will) Bolstering Strike
Your attack is guided by the gods, the divine vigor can harm foes and heal wounds.
Attack one adjacent Monster.
If this attack hits, you may choose to have it deal no damage and instead regain 1 HP. If a 20 is rolled when making this attack, you may regain 1HP and deal 1 Damage.
+8 ATK / 1 DMG

(Utility – Minotaur) Goring Charge
As you charge forward, you rear your horns in attempts to plunge them into your foe.
Use this power during your Hero Phase as part of a move action.
Choose a Monster within 1 tile of you and place yourself adjacent to it and attack.
Flip this card over after you use this power.
+4 ATK / 1 DMG

(Utility) Sacred Circle
A filigree of brightly glowing runes pours from your fingertips and encircles the room.
Use this power during your Hero Phase instead of attacking.
Place the Sacred Circle tile on your current tile. All undead enemies are immediately pushed back 2 tiles, while others are pushed back 1 tile. Undead Monsters take an additional 1 damage while occupying the tile where the sacred circle lies.
Flip this card over after you use this power.

(Utility) Lay on Hands
Your mere touch can close wounds and heal the soul.
Use this power during your Hero Phase.
Move adjacent to one Hero on the same tile as you, they regain HP equal their healing surge value. Roll a d20, on a result of 10+ they regain an additional 2 HP.
Flip this card over after you use this power.

(Utility) Martyr’s Blessing
A short and soft prayer siphons pain from another and into yourself.
Use when when an ally within 1 tile is hit by a Monster or Villain attack.
The Monster / Villain must re-roll their attack against you instead of the chosen ally, if the attack hits the damage you take is reduced by 1.
Flip this card over after you use this power.

(Daily) Paladin’s Judgment
Your inner divinity flows through your weapon smiting your foe and restoring your spirit.
Attack one adjacent Monster.
When this attack hits an ally within 1 tile may regain 2 HP. If this attack misses, do not flip this card over.
+8 ATK / 2 DMG

(Daily) Blood of the Mighty
Faint red mist seeps from your pours and your eyes flicker as your life is drawn out to ensure a solid blow
Attack one Adjacent Monster. When you use this power you immediately lose 1 HP.
+5 ATK / 4 DMG (Miss: 2 Damage)

(Daily) Majestic Halo
A pallor luminescence eminates from above your head, infusing your comrades with divine energy.
Use this power during your Hero Phase instead of attacking.
Until the end of your next hero phase, you and all Heroes in the same tile as you do an additional +1 damage.


  1. Very nice! I really like what you’ve done with the power selection. If I had designed it, though, I’d have gone more “vanilla” and made it a Human Paladin with Lay On Hands as the granted utility instead of the Minotaur racial, but that might’ve ended up too much like the Cleric.

    • I thought about going that route but a lot of the characters were Vanilla already, and not that that’s a bad thing but I didn’t want to put a 3rd human or 2nd dwarf into the game. Figured this would give some variety and provide that “4e” feel that people love/hate.

  2. I just posted a paladin character this morning too. (I also have a warlord character, if you are interested.) We both selected very similar powers, and got pretty close in their mechanics. I think the major difference between the two is that your paladin seems like a well-rounded fighter, able to stand his ground, deal damage, and support allies, while my paladin was designed to be a raging, almost self-destructive juggernaut.

    Here is a link to my post:

    • I’ve updated the link for you, sorry this piece was super old and I forgot to update the links after a site migration. Enjoy!

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