Dark Sun Goodies!

I’ve bundled the Bloodsand Arena module Wizards was giving out this year for Free RPG Day, along with some other goodies for all of you. If you’re like me and are foaming at the mouth for more 4e Dark Sun material – August can’t come any faster for a lot of us. The Bloodsand Arena was created by @blindgeekuk as a great looking PDF complete with highlight-able text (not just raw images) so a huge hats off to him for creating this for all of us. There is also a Dark Sun handout I created from some content on the official D&D site for passing out to your players to give them the gist of what the world is like, so you can go about doing more important DM’ey things while they read it over. Perhaps the handout can better prepare them for battle, class/race selection or just an act as an aid for back story creation.

I’ve also included the pre generated characters wizards had available for download on Free RPG day to coincide with the Bloodsand module – only mine won’t give you any silly decompression errors! And lastly “Marauders of Rakmel’s Tomb” is a modified one shot dungeon done by yours truly from the One Page Dungeon Codex to fit a Dark Sun campaign setting and aimed at 3rd level characters. It’s just re-worded and re-monstered a bit, PC’s will probably steamroll through it to be honest, but I only put about an hours work into it. Critique is very welcome for it so please, feel free. Anyway it’s just to get that sandy wasteland taste into your players mouths so feel free to add in as much flavor as you like, I’m no dark sun expert by any means (though I do hope to become one in the near future). Grab it here. Enjoy!

Also – new posts coming up (sooner rather than later I hope): The opposite of playing boldly, My wife’s venture into being a DM, and Steve Jackson’s Zombie Dice


  1. I’m not a fan of Dark Sun, but the module sounds cool and I was curious to see if I could tweak it to fit my game. Thanks for uploading it!!

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