The Science of Selling Yourself Short

August 23, 2011 Dread Gazebo 0

I find that I’m constantly comparing myself to other DMs. This is an aspect of my personality that I’ve never quite been able to avoid, my whole life I’ve walked around comparing my life to that of my friends, and now I’m even comparing myself to other gamers I read about online? I read about, see videos of or have actually had the experience of playing with them and I somehow always walk away feeling like a chump that can’t run his game worth a shit.

Dark Sun Goodies!

June 24, 2010 Dread Gazebo 8

I’ve bundled the Bloodsand Arena module Wizards was giving out this year for Free RPG Day, along with some other goodies for all of you. If you’re like me and are foaming at the mouth for more 4e Dark Sun material – August can’t come any faster for a lot of us. The Bloodsand Arena was created by @blindgeekuk as a great looking PDF complete with highlight-able text (not just raw images) so a huge hats off to him for creating this for all of us.