D&D Encounters buff recap

For those of you lucky enough to have participated in D&D Encounters, or followed the unfolding news and stories via your preferred source of news consumption you know exactly what these are. For those of you who don’t D&D Encounters was a weekly 1 shot (1-2 hrs tops) encounter played out at your FLGS or other participating venue that’s gone on for the past 12 weeks. Each Wednesday while these were going on @Wizards_DnD sent out random buffs hourly that had an effect on those games. I’m posting an archive of all those buffs here for use in your own game – perhaps make cards, create a table and roll for random effects, or do whatever you will with these little gems. Wizards and D&D players all over are currently gearing up for season 2 which will be set in the Dark Sun campaign setting – which I’m hoping to actually get in on this season.

So without further ado I give you the list, special thanks to @WolfSamurai and his nice little blog over at @matt_james_rpg’s loremaster.org for archiving these too. (I “borrowed” the last 6 weeks or so after advanced google searches got tiring) (Plaintext download HERE if you dislike formatting)

Week 12

  • Kelemvor’s Judgment – For the session, whenever an enemy is reduced to 0 hit points, 1 PC at random makes an immediate basic attack.
  • Sune’s Succor – For the encounter, PCs heal an additional 1d6 damage when they spend a healing surge.
  • Tempus’s Might – For the session, PC melee attacks gain +3 damage, and PCs gain regeneration 2 when bloodied.
  • Tymora’s Luck – For the session PCs rolling a 1 on any d20 roll may reroll it, and PCs score critical hits on rolls of 19-20.

Week 11

  • Prophecies of doom swirl in the air – For this session all creatures deal +1d6 extra damage on critical hits.
  • Tymoras luck! One PC determined randomly can reroll one failed attack, save, or check once during this session.
  • A gust of wind howls through the canyon – For this session all forced movement moves creatures 1 extra square.
  • Gravity seems to have little effect here – For this session, all creatures can spend a move action to fly 3 squares on their turns.

Week 10

  • Weapons burst into holy energy for the entire encounter – All weapon attacks add radiant damage type.
  • Magic courses through the ground turning it to mud for the entire session – Normal speed values for all creatures are reduced by 1.
  • Hazy clouds of spores drive 1 random PC mad. For the session that PC gains +2 to all damage rolls but -2 to all defenses.
  • Explosive reagents on the table are potent – Explosive attacks from the features in the room push affected targets 2 squares.

Week 9

  • Black flames spring to life in the area – For the session, creatures subject to forced movement take 1d6 points of damage.
  • At the beginning of each round roll 1d6. On a 1, a flash from the portal distracts all enemies, giving your group combat advantage.
  • You’re overcome by a feeling that you’ve done this before. Once this session 1 PC may use the same at-will power 2x on their turn.
  • The portal sputters with motes of energy. For the session creatures starting turns adjacent to the portal take 3 force damage.

Week 8

  • The whole area hums with power, as if alive – For the session any PC that spends a healing surge gets an additional 3 hit points.
  • The resonance of a tolling bell reverberates here – For the session bloodied PCs may use their second wind as a minor action.
  • Eerie moans fill the room causing unnatural panic. For the session critical hits push 2 squares in addition to other effects.
  • Bloodstains appear all over the floor for entire session – All attacks score critical hits on 19-20.

Week 7

  • Blue flames flicker along the floor – For this session creatures must move 1 square on each of their turns or suffer 5 fire damage.
  • Miniature stars appear and circle around a PC, creating mirror images. For this session, one PC gains a +4 to Reflex defenses.
  • A wave of blue fire ensorcels a PC’s weapon or implement. For this session one PC’s weapon or implement is considered +1 magic.
  • A vortex of energy draws everyone inward. All critical hits pull 1 toward the center of the room in addition to other effects.

Week 6

  • A pulse of psychic energy radiates from nearby crystalline rock formations – For the session all creatures grant combat advantage.
  • The everburning candles focus arcane energies – For the session, PCs get a +1 to attacks on all arcane powers.
  • An iridescent sheen covers one PCs body for the session. That PC gains resistance 5 to the next damage type they are hit with.
  • A female apparition appears and merges with one PCs body. That PC deals an extra 5 necrotic damage on a hit for entire session.
  • Red mist fills the room, accompanied by agitated whispers – All creatures deal +2 damage on a hit.

Week 5

  • The floor becomes slick for entire session. Creatures moving 3+ squares on their turn make DC 10 Acrobatic check or fall prone.
  • A woman’s voice, eerie yet alluring, drifts into the room. Once during the session, one PC can shift 1 and spend a healing surge. (This is a free action as per here).
  • The reeking scent of moldy cheese clings to one random PC. As a free action on their turn, that PC can mark one natural beast.
  • The air is pierced by a high-pitched tone, sending enemies into a frenzy. For the session, enemies are -1 defenses, but +1 damage.

Week 4

  • Psychic attacks have a cloying hold. PCs that score a critical hit on psychic attacks slow the target (save ends).
  • Strange arcane energies distort space for the entire session – PCs trained in Arcana can teleport 2 as a move action.
  • The stone of the ground rises up forming a second skin on 1 random PC – That PC gains resist 5 to the next attack that hits them.
  • A shockwave rumbles outward from the glowing circle – All creatures ending turns in or adjacent the circle are pushed 1 square away.
  • A ghostly man appears and points at the enemy with a wild look. The next hit against an enemy can be treated as a critical hit.

Week 3

  • You recall a tip gleaned from a master thief. Once this session 1 PC may re-roll a Thievery skill check (keep 2nd roll).
  • The spirits impart their ancient knowledge. Primal PCs gain a +1 bonus to Arcana and Religion checks for the entire session.
  • Muttered comments overheard in Downshadow spark ideas. For the session PCs gain a +1 bonus to INT- and WIS-based skill checks.
  • You have a moment of clarity. Once this session 1 PC rolling a natural 1 on a skill check gains a +10 to the roll.
  • A thin mist snakes its way past you and drifts into the shadows ahead. PCs gain a +2 bonus on Dungeoneering checks.
  • A fine meal from the Yawning Portal invigorates one of you. One PC gains a +2 bonus to Endurance checks for the entire session.

Week 2

  • Malevolent voices pervade the area for entire session. Any creature rolling a natural 1 is dazed until end of their next turn.
  • You’re overcome by a feeling that you’ve done this before. Once this session, 1 PC may use the same at-will power 2x on their turn.
  • A low hum issues from your weapons. For the rest of the session PCs can push an adjacent enemy 1 as a minor action.
  • Jeers & scraps of food rain from the tavern above. Creatures moving on the platform must make a DC 10 Acrobatic check or fall prone.
  • An ochre-colored mist pervades the area for entire session. All creatures gain concealment.
  • Inspiring music drifts down from the tavern. PCs gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls until the end of the session.

Week 1

  • A putrid stench wafts out of the sewer. Creatures starting their turn in or adjacent to sewer water squares are weakened.
  • Dozens of waterlogged rats pour out of the sewer. For the session, all creatures grant combat advantage to all others.
  • Psychic attacks have a cloying hold. PCs that score a critical hit on psychic attacks slow the target (save ends).
  • Holy energy infuses 1 divine PC. Once this session, a power used by divine PC deals +1d6 radiant damage.
  • An inspiring tune plays in the distance. Once this session, 1 PC can make a save against an ongoing effect or spend a healing surge.
  • You’ve prepared your weapons well for battle. For this session, PCs score critical hits with weapon attacks on rolls of 19 or 20.

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