From Diablo 3 to D&D: Traps With A Twist (Part 1)

The next installment of Diablo 3 to D&D is up, this time it’s about traps and it’s also been split into two parts. This first part is about a few status-quo traps and putting a good spin on them, with a focus on building traps that can cause harm to both the player characters and dungeon denizens. The second part coming up is about using event based, modular, and dynamic traps in your games – so be sure to stay tuned for that one too, it’s a lot juicier than this first piece.

Also, while we’re on the topic of the lord of hell, it’s only proper to mention that Kobold Quarterly is developing a series called Monsters of Sin for Pathfinder. Avarice is the first one out of the gate and it’s definitely worth a look, I’m enjoying the hell out it myself and I don’t even play Pathfinder. They are doing each of the 7 deadly sins at 2.99 a piece, or you can grab the subscription and get all 7 of them for 16$ (plus a final copy with all of them compiled into a single PDF). Honestly, even if you’re not a Pathfinder player (I’m not) these are still great sources of inspiration for your game, especially if you want some darker themes and it all converts over to whatever system you’re playing easily anyway.

I don’t just hand out plugs for products I don’t believe in or like, so please keep that in mind with me relaying all of this to you guys. Honestly Kobold Quarterly and Open Design put out some damn good material, if you haven’t honestly given their stuff a look over before perhaps now is the time!

Anyway, that’s it for this week folks. Check back next week and I’ll have a review up for the Dungeon Survival Handbook and another board game as well as more Diablo and D&D crossover stuff, plus whatever else I might conjure up! Have a good weekend, and happy gaming!

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