Dreadful Deeds: Trap Edition

evil-smiley-faceThis weeks chapter of D5C asked people for dastardly ways to trap, maim, and poison characters. A question regarding a monsters worst behavior helped me discover that there is a lot of poo flinging and humping going on apparently, you people disgust me! (just kidding).

It’s also come to my attention that many DM’s fantasize about poisoning their players more often than their characters. Enjoy reading!


DM’s – the most deadly trap that includes falling has what awaiting its victim at the bottom of said fall…?

@deadorcs / @Wesdecker – A teleporter that relocates you to the top of the trap for an infinite fall.

@digitaldraco – Orcus?

@obsidiancrane – The Sarlac?

@twwombat – Whipped cream. Too light to swim in, too heavy to breathe. And a humiliating way to die. Thanks to #Grimtooth for that one.

@bluwaterdragoon – Oil. It looks like murky water, but just try lighting that torch.

@etherworld / @TedsBlog – Corrosive Acid.

@Gencon4James / @lotsofsnow – A little trapped black hole (sphere of annihilation) like the trap in the original Tomb of Horrors.

@_Rovalde / @TheBeardyGamer / @Brindy – A gelatinous cube

@Whorrak – Another that trap that includes falling, obviously.

@samldanach – Oubliette. Spherical hole, smooth sides, no way to climb out, prolly broke legs in fall.

@tadbo – I would think a simple shaft with downward ridges, at the bottom of which awaits an open portal to (you pick) or an ooze.


What’s the best way to get some poison coursing through a PC’s veins?

@jelmore – Spike their Mountain Dew? (Oh, wait, you said PCs…)

@brindy – in my last game the PCs were attacked by a giant shit demon who’s flatulence had them take on-going poison damage (<– he was serious)

@nosferatu1208 – maybe during a celebration feast of some type. A curve ball in the story.

@TheAngryDM – Just tell the PC he has the symptoms. Let him figure out when and how it got there and use one of his wild theories.

@AlioTheFool – Hypodermic needle. Oh. Wait. You mean? Ummm. Yeah…


DM’s & Players – What is the most depraved thing a monster has ever done to one of your charaters?

@IllusiveDreams – DM’s & Players – What is the most depraved thing a monster has ever done to one of your characters?

@Valthonis – One of the my PCs was captured by a Greater Succubus. She “nipple clamps of exquisite pain” on him and tortured him. For days.

@Shane_Tyree – forced me to kill another member of the party, while mimicking me mockingly. Dressed as a woman.

@Neldar – I’ve been eaten multiple times.

@etherworld – An orc threw his poo at me once. He was taunting me from behind a portcullis.

@Trillian – Other way. My shrieking halfling has humped some corpses

@MacroGeek – we had an entourage of guards provided by a noble. A demon made them all explode into giblets & smaller demons around us.


DM’s – After sealing your adventurers into a room in which there is no (apparent?) escape what happens?

@JesterOC – Sometimes, I get shouts of no fair, followed by frantic searches and knowledge checks.

@aoliveera000 – Knock out gas seeps in, the PC’s lose consciousness and find themselves captured

@paul_kingworks – They turn to cannibalism to survive. >:-)

@DeusInnomen – Dinner 🙂

@wesleykhall – The PCS spend at least 6 hrs listening to a timeshare pitch.Every 2 hrs they make a will save to keep from killing themselves.

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