FourthCore Podcast: Episode 1

Finally! My first ever podcast completed and can’t wait to get started on episode 2! This initial cast is just Sersa V and Myself talking about the design process and a ton more behind Fourthcore and Saturday Night Delves!

Episode two will bring about our planned regulars which will be myself, Sersa, Momanatrix and Eric The Cavalier.

You can grab episode one right here, have a listen!


  1. Fantastic podcast! Behind the scenes look at design work is always helpful.

    I also liked the comment about people calling planning to run Iron Lich a Con, since I am planning to run it at So Cal Smack Down–a report from one of these people on how it went & lessons learned with be great future content.

    Also, I am currently unable to download episode 1 via iTunes–not sure if the feed has changed or something, but I am really looking foreword to episode two. Keep up the great work.

  2. Great podcast. Having only listened to official WoTC podcasts prior to this, it was really nice to hear people not afraid to mention negative things about D&D products. I love that y’all are keeping the marketplace of D&D ideas open and diverse. Thank you for not merely “following the leader.”

    Listening to your views on avoiding word limits and encounter design, I’m curious what you thought of the recent D&D World Championships encounter-writing contest. They gave a basic setup (volcano erupts, throwing region into chaos) and asked for an encounter for characters of 10th-11th level. Oh, but it was limited to 200 WORDS. Now, I can understand their need to set a limit so that they could read through all the entries they got, but I felt like I had to cut out all description and nuance to be able to just fit in all the names of monsters, conditions, etc that governed the mechanics of the encounter.

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