Enter a New Realm, DreadGazebo 2.0

[dropcap2]W[/dropcap2]elcome to the new Dread Gazebo blog. A new realm of terror and delight, a realm of bloodshed and undead atrocities, a realm of gazebo references and at times… sappy gamer dad articles. You’re very awestruck I can tell. Allow me to settle your nerves with a few bullet points of new and awesome things you’ll be seeing here at DG. Oh and by bullets, I mean STARS.

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  • Content – Adventures, Small Encounters, Monsters, Weapons, Traps and more for 4e D&D
  • Tips & Tutorials – Terrain, Painting, Handouts, Maps and whatever else I dream up.
  • Podcasts – I’m involved in the Fourthcore podcast, speaking of which the thirde one is up today, so have a listen. There’s another upcoming top secret one too, so stay tuned for that.
  • Product Reviews & Editorials – I know I said I wasn’t going to be doing much of these anymore but, screw it. I really love doing them.

I can finally relax now (aside from a few CSS tweaks) and resume normal life where I’m not obsessing about rebuilding the site. Please be sure to poke around a bit and check things out, let me know how you feel about the new look – love it or hate it, I wanna know. Be sure to drop by the About page to see how far I nerded out on my “character sheet”.

Making Up For Lost Time

Beyond the little blurb above, I feel that in light of recent blog down-ness I feel obligated to chime in on a few issues in a very short format as goes:

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  • Heroes of Shadow – content for Essentials and Non, awesome content written by two equally amazing authors. If you don’t like that. Vote with your wallet. (I voted with mine – $29.95)
  • Fourthcore is indeed “Fucking Idiots Playing Traditional Convention Bullshit.
  • DDI Subscribers get plenty for their money, if you were subscribing to DDI solely for the Revenant and Assassin, you were wasting your money to begin with. (as cleveryly stated by @quickermcwild)
  • 1e, 2e, 3.x, 4e, 4.5e, 4¾e, 5e, Whateverthefuck. I’m down with it, let’s roll. (See footer)
  • For the Record: Dungeons – still awesome.
  • Playing tabletop RPG’s – doesn’t make kids fat
  • Deadorcs, still old, still awesome.
  • Daggerdale is highly likely to kick ass, while the new Neverwinter is destined to be a steaming pile of mediocrity compared to it’s predecessors.

Until next time, (which is tomorrow). Stay classy my dice rolling comrades!

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  1. The new site looks awesome!

    I am very curious to see what you do in the coming months here and with Fourth Core.

    On your bullet points above I could not agree more.

    Dungeons are still awesome in the right hands.

    Deadorcs is old but incredible (seriously, I hope I am as cool as he is when I grow up).

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