Pixels & Polyhedrals: The Hunter

A dry growl rises and falls suddenly, permeating the silence that envelops you. Darting your eyes around hurriedly and then quickly turning to survey the darkness behind you, you notice nothing. Again the growl resonates, though this time from aloft and very faint. Ready for anything, you poise yourself for an attack as you survey the rooftops.

Macabre howls from above scream across the darkened sky, resounding from the right and left and back again faster than your senses can even begin to follow.

Just as quickly as sound carries through the cool night air, a hooded figure with dimly glowing eyes and pointed teeth leaps down onto you with an inhuman momentum, pinning you helplessly to the ground. Your eyes meet its once again, they burn orange with an inner spectral light as it howls madly and tears at your innards, all the while growling and screaming incessantly.

Your last memories are a bloody haze of malignant claws and the warmth of your own blood touching your fingertips as it runs through the grooves in the cobblestone street.

( Unfamiliar with Left 4 Dead? See a video of this monster in action )

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