Introducing DM’s Dreadful Deeds

A lot of you were wondering what D5C is exactly, see this post and jump to the second half for the lowdown. For those of you that do, thank you for helping me make this little project come to fruition for the first time, I hope there’s many more to come. Here’s some of the best answers and corresponding questions, thanks to everyone who participated!

Also, please feel free to add in any more answers to these questions in the comments section below!

DM’s – Gimme’ your best way(s) to puzzle/trap a room just before a “boss” encounter to slow em down & whittle down healing surges?

@pdunwin – A unusual “lock” requiring a skill challenge, while another trap or group of endless minions assaults them.

DM’s & Players alike, what is the worst way you’ve ever seen a PC meet it’s demise?

@Gargs454 – mage/thief levitating and fighting a pair of gargoyles was shot with a fire arrow . . . by a teammate (stupid fumbles ;p)

@DigitalDraco – Half-orc cleric blinded by glitter dust spell in an ambush, struck dead in the middle of the road.

@Neldar – Our cleric was helping the rogue disable an infernal contraption. They failed. Rogue saved for half, cleric got in his air.

@Nupperibo – Critical fumble for Initiative, followed by Critical fumble to attack followed by the words roll for damage against yourself.

@GandalfChesboro – Potion of giant growth in a very small dungeon room

@Wm_Bounty – Trap: 45° floor and intermeshed metal gears. Think meat grinder. PC had 6 vials of acid, and 6 of alchemist flame. Boom!burgers

DM’s What is your favorite rogue-proof trap(s)?

@Feanan – Crumbling Masonry is always a pain for rogues and most other heroes.

@DnDHelper – String tied to the other side of the door. No way to detect it. The open the door, its rings a bell it’s tied too

@Nupperibo – How about a heat metal based trap which leaves the poor rogue with something to remember you by? In the spirit of Dune.

The most creative way to drown a PC is…

@Squidgeididdly – making their water-based spell go off in their lungs when they crit-fail. Then leave them prone and slowly losing life 😀

@Wm_Bounty – Drown a PC by sharing a special moment with a water Elemental…

@Rolling20s – Cursed Ring of Water Breathing that makes it so the PC can breathe water *only*

@ThadeousC – in the tears of a weeping elder dragon.

@CjThrasher – The most creative way to drown a PC is to polymorph him into a fish and keep him out of water.

@GeekyLyndsay – Tasha’s hideous laughter + marble swan fountain?


  1. For the first one:
    You could also have a puzzle trap that drains life force (i.e., steals healing surges) when you give the wrong answer – or even when you give the right one! “It needs energy to operate, and it’s stealing that energy from you”

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