Menagerie of Mischief: Ammunition

Hey everybody I wanted to drop this in here for everyone to check out, I’m not sure how many slices they’ll cut this manuscript up into but I wanted to point you guys to it because I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope that some of this stuff can find its way into your games. Perhaps even your D&DNext games since the system is so flexible. Behold my Menagerie of Mischief!

The piece starts off with some ammo which was heavily influenced by one of my favorite video games growing up, Thief. Funny story about Thief, I purchased it the day after I got my first PC, when I got the awesome triangular shaped box back home to install my game – the disc had been stolen. How’s that for irony? Anyway, the new few sections of the article get a lot more varied than this so please stay tuned even if this one wasn’t quite to your liking. If you’re a player I guarantee you’ll find at least one thing you want for your character or someone in your party. If you’re the DM, I hope you’ll be dying to equip some of your more nefarious individuals with some of these gadgets.

Let me know what you think!

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