My first GenCon: Day 2

So my second day at GenCon really wasn’t much of a GenCon day but I’ll tell you all about it anyways. I hit up the children’s museum with my son and wife, spent quite some time there dragging him to and fro. He had a good time for the most part, the line to get in was super long and I’m super glad I had a coupon to get him in for free.

Anyways after that we hit the hotel again and recouped a bit and then headed back to GenCon. After spending a short bit in the main hall, I didn’t have enough time to spend to make my epic ‘which game to buy’ decision before they closed the hall down, also bumped into an old buddy from high school.

I did get to meet @JasonMarker in the flesh afterwards though and that was one of the high points of my day – super cool guy, great conversation was had. Afterwards I wanted to go to the Ennies, so i made my way towards the grand ballroom and then after getting to the room where they were to be held I immediately had a mental flash forward in my mind as I looked inside – a quiet room, darkened and classy where an announcer would call out the categories and present medals to the winners and then speeches would be given. Then that same image flashed again where my son was roaring and whining up a storm and disrupting the whole ceremony, there was a 99% likelihood this would happen so I turned right around and headed to grab some food. So I decided to just skip the Ennies and just read about them on twitter, kind of a bummer I know but Congrats to ObsidianPortal and all the other winners, it feels awesome just to be privileged enough to wear the Obsidian Portal shirt around the con.

Another notion that spawned this decision was that I read feliciaday’s tweet explaining that she just ordered a drink called “Orcish Rotgut” so I knew she was at the Red Dragon Inn, so we headed there asap because we were starved and made plans to eat there anyways. Then, shortly after we arrived there she was, with Wil Wheaton,  Robin Thorsen, and Jeff Lewis who are also from the guild. It’s so weird and kinda surreal seeing people that you only see on TV or the internet, right there in front of you and I went there knowing and hoping I’d see them.

I’ve watched the guild since it’s beginning so to me it was surreal and awkward, seeing the stars of on of my favorite shows in person  all I could eek out was “Hey Vork, I’m a really big fan!” and he smiled and aknowledged me, but the rest of them were all kind of in their own little world of exploring things it seemed, or just ignoring me. Still kicking myself over this as I’ve been a big fan of the guild for a while, oh well…

We then went on to order off of the special Red Dragon Inn menu at the circle city bar and grill. The special menu seemed like quite the novelty and I figured the atmosphere would be cool. To make a very long story short The food was hardly worth what we paid for it (14$ for a ceasar salad?) althought the drinks might have been worth it, the atmosphere in the back of the restaurant wasn’t the same as the front. The front had bards singing and tavern music cheerily playing in the back, while our section had a sword on the wall and some reddish lighting.

I had the Wizards Brew, while @momanatrix had herself the same Orcish Rotgut @feliciaday had mentioned in her tweet. Her drink by far tasted better than mine but they were both good, and very booze-laden but not nearly enough to get a buzz from so all was well there. A ceasar salad, 3 chicken fingers w/ fries, the 2 drinks and my plate of hunks of cheese & meat “The Cheese” from the Red Dragon menu ran us 55$ so heads up if your into not wasting money. It was fun though – we got to play zombie dice at our dinner table and it’s great to overhear conversation about magic missles and rogues while at dinner. I wish overhearing conversations in public eating places always sounded like that.

After dinner I got a massive headache and we headed back, so all in all a pretty lax day in which I hope to make up for tomorrow by spending all day buying stuff and having lunch with some very cool people. Maybe we’ll get to meet The people from the guild tomorrow at the con so I can not say anything to them for a second time, lol.

I know this post was a bit of a bummer but my headache is still here and the computer screen is only making it worse, hope to report back tomorrow with full awesomeness. I plan on taking a lot of pics/video tomorrow too. Probably wont upload videos until Sunday or after the con entirely as the wireless at our hotel is horribly slow. Time to get rested up!

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