New Podcast! – Episode Pilot

Back in the Saddle

It’s been a long time since Haste and I’ve been dying to get back to the podcasting world ever since it had to end. So, I’ve finally gotten around to that with my partners in crime (@Sumqui and @Nosferatu1208) and we’d now like to show it to the world. The show is going to again focus primarily on tabletop gaming, but we’ll also cover video games because we play a lot of those too. Our object is to keep episodes under 45 minutes, cover 2-3 interesting topics within the gaming space, and take some questions from our audience. In the future, we may livestream some bonus content too. For now though, please give us a listen and let us know what you think. Oh yeah…one more thing

It Doesn’t Have A Name…Yet

Being that this is something we really want to keep up, a solid name is required so we don’t have one set in stone just yet. We’re thinking Late Night Gamers or Late Night Round Table, but we’re not setting anything in stone yet. So if you’ve got a suggestion for a name after listening, let’s hear it!

Episode “Zero” – Pilot

Talking points:

  • Setting Presentation & New GMs
  • Keeping Momentum in Combat (5e and more)
  • Conan Exiles

Question: What is the most cliche “low level RPG” monster?

Music Intro/Outro – “Arise” by GosT


  1. I’m glad to have you back in the podcast realm. The most cliche monster has to be Goblins. They infest everything. As far as a name what about Gamers Late at Night?

    • Thanks man! Yeah goblins are probably my vote too. We’ve figured out a name and will roll it out w/ the next episode but there’s gonna be a gap this week because of the Winter Fantasy convention.

  2. Word, I’m down. I listened to Haste regularly and this is a good start. Audio could be balanced a little better just because it was hard to hear sometimes, but I’m sure y’all will iron it out.

    Answer: I’m actually going with goblins. I’m tired of starting new games (D&D mostly) fighting them again.

    • Yeah I don’t have my sweet mic I had when Haste was around, so quality here will be downgraded a bit, at least for now. Getting used to balancing and normalizing audio again but we’ll get there. Thanks for the feedback!

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