Pixels & Polyhedrals: The Charger

Heavy footsteps echo from a corridor just ahead of you, the narrow dungeon walls amplify every step. A strained elephant like roar rips through the room as a tall and disproportionate figure races towards you with feral speed. You manage to dodge it’s charge but the rest of your party isn’t so lucky as they get bowled over like rag dolls.

The unluckiest of them all is the cleric who’s being repeatedly raised high above the creatures head and slammed into the stone floor, his cries to moradin are muffled only by the sound of his bones cracking. Do all that you can to defeat this monstrosity or your comrade is doomed!

( Unfamiliar with Left 4 Dead? See a video of this monster in action! )

[fancy_images height=300 width=270] https://dreadgazebo.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/charger1.jpg

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