Pixels & Polyhedrals: The Spitter

You slide to the ground behind some cover, propping your weary back against the rubble of a decrepit stone column that now lies on the floor. Just a few moments of respite with your party to regroup could make all the difference against your next bout with the undead. You hear a steady drip of something hitting the floor not far from you “you hear that?” says the rogue.

You shrug and roll your eyes sarcastically as if no one’s ever heard an erratic stream drip somewhere into a cavern, ‘droves of walking dead and she’s worried about some water’ you think to yourself. “No you fool, the sizzling sound that follows it” apprehensive, the rogue starts to scout around. You close your eyes, you feel you could cure all that ails you if only you could get a wink of sleep…

Just then you hear the hurried shuffling of your comrades “get up, move!” as you open your eyes and turn to see the gaping maw of a gaunt female figure, glowing eyes, ratty hair and rotten flesh. Her throat a pulsating red and irritated orifice begins to spray acid, you go numb from the terror…or is that your skin melting off?

Unfamiliar with Left 4 Dead? See a video of this monster in action. )


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  1. LOL Omg!!, now thats cool!, I would like to see the other special infected stats, specially the Smoker and the Hunter.

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