Review: Drinking Quest 2

If you want an in depth review over the ethos and overall awesomeness that is Drinking Quest, be sure to see my full review of the first game. Here we’ve got Drinking Quest’s sequel entitled “Yetti Vedders Yetti Adventure” which plays just like the first DQ but now there’s just MORE of it to enjoy. Play them as separate games or play them together! It doesn’t matter as long as you’ve got some a few friends and some beer.

I will note though that using DQ and DQ2 together for an “up to 8 player” experience can cause some confusion as a few small elements of the game (saving throws, exp) have different names although they are mechanically identical. Gameplay may not flow as quickly as you’d hope with a full 8 people, which can take away from some of the fun of a drinking game because people get impatient waiting for their turn. So take that as you will, maybe your friends aren’t impatient jerks like mine!

Without further rambling, here’s the video review & overview of Drinking Quest 2, enjoy!

Players: 1-4 Ages: Legal drinking age + Setup Time: <2 min Play Time: ~1hour

Production Values: Card quality is better than the first run of DQ, it is as nice as or nicer than “Munchkin” cards.


  • Beer + RPG = What more could you ask for?
  • Rules are robust and familiar but not so complex that alcohol will slow the game down
  • The game itself is hilarious, full of internet memes, gaming cliche/stereotypes. Doesn’t take itself seriously to great effect.


  • Honestly, none.
[info_box]Grab Drinking Quest from the official website ($25). Thanks for watching the review and be sure to give me your thoughts![/info_box]


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