Review: Dungeon!

So this is my first ever attempt at a video review for a board game. I opted to use this format for 2 reasons. The first reason being mainly just because I wanted to try something new, and the other reason because this game is relatively simple and I didn’t feel a verbose writeup was needed. Dungeon! is a game I wasn’t exactly in love with in the beginning, but after taking my elitist hobby gamer goggles off and just realizing it was a cool game for kids who might want a taste of D&D it’s great. For 20$ it’s hard to pass up too, so check out the review and let me know what you guys think!

Players: 2-8 Ages: 8+ (I’d say 6+) Setup Time: <5 min Play Time: 30min-1hr

Production Values: Great quality cardstock, great artwork, but would have liked player pawns to be more solid.


  • Simple, Fun. Captures D&D essence of “kill monsters and take their loot”.
  • Kid Friendly
  • Cheap. You could buy this or a game they used to call scrabble for the same price…


  • Can be a little too random, making gameplay drag on after some consecutive bad die rolls.
  • Might be too challenging/disappointing for some kids (losing turns, starting over if killed, etc.)
[info_box]Grab Dungeon! on amazon for 20$. Thanks for watching the review and be sure to give me your thoughts![/info_box]


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