Review & Unboxing: Dungeon Command Tyranny of Goblins, Curse of Undeath

This is just a quick follow up review to my original Dungeon Command review where I talk about the game as a whole. This time though, I’m talking specifically about some of the new sets that have come out and how they play. The dungeon tiles in these two sets are just as great as previous sets and this time have a new terrain type that blocks line of sight. The goblin theme works well when luck is at your side but the undead seem to be a more solid army overall.

Check out the video for my full thoughts and to get a glimpse at the stunning miniatures WotC is putting out with these sets. Them being 27$ on amazon and also doubling as minis for D&D as well as added components for the D&D adventure game makes them really hard to pass up too. Thanks for watching!

Players: 2-4 (or more) Ages: 12+  Setup Time: 5-10 min Play Time: 45min-2hrs

Production Values: Great miniatures, quality card stock as usual (though mine were a bit warped before first play), card quality is good but you’ll still want to sleeve them.




  • Fast
  • Some units are very powerful
  • Swarm tactics can be fun

  • Sturdy units and Varied tactics
  • Damage avoidance & health regain abilities
  • Zombie units can be played from the graveyard, at a price

  • Some units too weak compared to other “base” units
  • Very limited ranged combat ability
  • Order cards can feel skewed against you at times

  • Damage avoidance often comes at a cost
  • Not many offense oriented order cards
  • Commander abilities feel lacking compared to other armies
[info_box] Grab Tyranny of Goblins and/or Curse of Undeath on amazon for 27$ each. If you decide to pick them up please use these affiliate links, and thanks for watching the review! Be sure to give me your thoughts on these sets too![/info_box]


  1. I like very much how both the Pros and Cons of each band seem to convey the typical flavor that one would expect from the band itself.

    Goblins have weak base troops (typical), are fast (typical), the fun is in the swarming (as it should be), and the fact that some cards feel skewed against you could convey the “animosity” of goblin bands very well!

    Similarly, with Undead, the sturdiness focus is exactly what one would expect, and the scarce “leadership” too.

    I might very well buy both of these: I’ll be sure to use the provided links if I do! 🙂

    • Definitely the Undead. Then again, it’s probably a personal lack of variety on my behalf for liking them so much. I’m obsessed with zombies/horror/Ravenloft, etc.

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