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[info_box]Congrats to our winners Tim Kelley, and Forbestay. I rolled 1d40 twice via Invisible Castle and were given the results of 1 and 12. If you omit the 4 follow up comments (2 from myself, 2 from el stiko) in the entries this gave us a total of 40. I’ll be contacting them via email shortly. Thanks for participating everybody, and stay tuned because I might have more to give away during the next beta weekend (Mar 22-24)![/info_box]

Foot In Mouth Starts Here

If you remember a long while back I made some pretty boisterous predictions about the new Neverwinter title. Now I know some of you are going to think I’m just hopping on a bandwagon here or that someone from WotC has their hand firmly wedged up my ass and is puppeteering my mouth to promote this game. That’s fine. However if you are one of those people please refer toΒ this Venn diagram and don’t bother writing me any nasty emails. Things change, people change, ideas change, and this game certainly has changed quite a bit since I first investigated it.

I am happy to admit that a lot of my expectations (or lack thereof) have been squelched after reading up more about the game’s development, playing a demo at Gencon last year, and now all of the media being revealed for the game really entices me. Free to play, action RPG centric (instead of just tab target and spam a few abilities), slick graphics and a true to D&D (4e especially) ethos, and most importantly player created content. I may not be a huge Forgotten Realms fan but the city of Neverwinter is a phenomenal place and there’s a lot to offer there. I’ve also gleaned from a dev interview/live stream from the last beta weekend that it seems the folks at Cryptic have learned some valuable lessons about creating games and so I appreciate their candidness and will keep my optimism high.

So, with my new found excitement I would like to formally announced that if you haven’t been paying attention or giving a crap about this title, now may be the time to reconsider.

Come Kill Things With Me!

So, you came here to win a Neverwinter key right? Not to listen to me ramble on about my nerdy expectations about a video game. I understand, so let’s jump to it! That’s right folks, I’ve got a crew lined up to game with during this upcoming beta weekend and if you’d like to be part of it (or not, whatever, I’ll play by myself. Jerks.) I’ve got a key (possibly 2+) to give away that will grant you access to the game this weekend (March 8th-10th) and during the next upcoming beta weekend (March 22nd-24th)!

I’ll also be live-tweeting and streaming some coverage of the game this weekend via Twitch TV if you’d like to partake in checking out the game and chatting with us as we explore Neverwinter. I’ve also been given the opportunity to interview some of the devs and aks them some questions I pulled from the D&D twitter community so stay tuned for the results of said interview!

How Can I Win A Key?

It’s simple, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post here stating you want a chance at a key, if you’ve got a question for the dev team you can leave that in your comment too! One entry per person please and entries with questions won’t have any increased chance of winning or anything, I’m going to use an online randomizer to pick the winners tomorrow afternoon. You should probably also follow me on Twitter and become a fan of The Dread Gazebo on facebook, you know…because I asked nicely and all. Good luck to everyone and I hope to soon be slaying creatures and taking their pocket treasures from them alongside you in the very near future!



  1. Oh damn. I’ve been signed up for beta forever and never been able to score one, so I would love a chance. Thanks for sharing this opportunity.

  2. I’d like to get one, try this thing out. My DM has a key and I can’t let him have all the fun.

  3. I’ve been expecting this game since they announced it. I wonder if the character customization will be near or better than the one used in Champions Online, by far the most complete I’ve ever seen.

    • From the footage I saw from the last stream, yes it is very granular. Hit the link to the youtube video of the stream from the last beta weekend (second paragraph) to see what I’m talking about.

  4. I’d definitely be happy to use that key and check out Neverwinter! Thinking of trying to get my current tabletop D&D group to try getting on together once it’s up!

      • Hey no worries, I’ll keep you in for now, thanks for being honest though. We’ll worry about it if your number comes up. I’ll only count your initial entry and disregard these follow up posts (including my own, obviously).

  5. Want!

    Actually, I don’t know if they want me beta testing it… I could be a very critical person of such a thing. The last MMO I beta tested was Ultima Online and we know how that went… πŸ˜‰

  6. Oh my, of course I’d like a key! I too demo’d this at Gencon, along with my 9 year old, and we had a blast!

  7. if there is one left i would love to get it, got a few friends trying it and i am yet to find one πŸ™‚

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