Menagerie of Mischief: Grim Gear



It’s more than just this stuff. Lockpicks, saws, crowbars – all that stuff is great but there’s a lot more to love about a well equipped guild rat. Be sure to check out the final snippet of my Menagerie of Mischief series over at KQ. I recently took to Reddit with these articles and got a LOT of great feedback, and a hell of a lot of book recommendations.

Since then I’ve picked up Fritz Leiber’s Swords against Deviltry, Brent Weeks’ The Way of Shadows, and Scott Lynch’s The Lies of Lock Lamora so I’ve definitely got my reading cut out for me. Apparently a lot of the characters and things that I hold dear remind people of  Fritz Leiber’s work, so I figure I owe it to myself to read his work.

Got any feedback for me on this series? I’d appreciate any of it you’d toss my way. Book recommendations too!

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